Chairman/Independent Non-Executive Director


Encik Ahmad Jauhari was appointed to the Board of Sapura Resources Berhad as an Independent Non-Executive Director on 19 January 2016.

He holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from University of Nottingham, United Kingdom.

He started his career with ESSO Malaysia Berhad in 1977 before joining The New Straits Times Press (M) Berhad in 1979 where he rose to the rank of Senior Group General Manager, Production and Circulation. He then joined Time Engineering Berhad as the Deputy Managing Director in 1992 and subsequently became Managing Director within the same year. He then served as the Managing Director of Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad in 1993 before taking the role of Managing Director of Malakoff Berhad from 1994 till 2010.

After 2010, he became a Director at Malaysia Airport Holdings Berhad and the Chairman of Destination Resorts and Hotel Sdn. Bhd, prior to his appointment at Malaysia Airlines Berhad.

Encik Ahmad Jauhari was appointed as the Group Chief Executive Officer of Malaysia Airlines Berhad on 19 September 2011. He was a member of the Board Tender Committee and sat on the Boards of several subsidiaries within the Malaysia Airlines Berhad Group of Companies. He stepped down from the role of Group Chief Executive Officer of Malaysia Airlines Berhad on 30 April 2015 but remained on the Board as a Non-Executive Director until December 2015.

Encik Ahmad Jauhari also has vast experience in managing organisations on the international front as he had served as the Director and Chairman of Executive Committee of Central Electricity Generating Company Limited (Jordan), a Director of Shuaibah Expansion Project Company Limited (Saudia Arabia) and a Director of Souk Tieta Independent Water Project (IWP) in Algeria.

Encik Ahmad Jauhari has vast and diverse working experience in various industries which includes oil and gas, media publications, engineering, power generation, gas utilities, telecommunications and IT. He is also the founder member and the former President of Penjanabebas (Association of Independent Power Producer of Malaysia).

Encik Ahmad Jauhari sits on the Board of Taliworks Corporation Berhad since his appointment in 2015 and he is also an Executive Director of Cenergi SEA Berhad since 12 August 2016. He was appointed as the Deputy Chairman of Minconsult Sdn. Bhd. since 1 March 2020 and has been promoted to the Chairman of the said Company with effective from 1 January 2021.

Encik Ahmad Jauhari does not have any family relationship with the other Directors and/or major shareholders of the Company.